We're a Wellness Center here to help you better your health day by day. Our Wellness Center assists with Pain Relief, Detoxification, Inflammation, Weight Loss, and Respiratory issues. 

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Massage Therapy 

  • Reduces Stress and Increases Relaxation

  • Reduces Pain and Muscle Tension 

  • Improves Circulation and Energy

  • Improves Immune Function 



  • Blood pressure                

  • Neck and lower back pain 

  • Sciatica 

  • Scoliosis-improve posture 

  • Reduce inflammation 

  • Eases headache symptoms 

  • Children’s health benefits 

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Salt Cave (Halo therapy) 

Salt therapy is a natural approach for relieving the symptoms of respiratory complaints. 

Reliefs from respiratory ailments include: 

Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds/flu, sinus infections.

It also improves sleep patterns, reduces stress, and helps with Insomnia, improving mood, fatigue, exhaustion, and weakness of the immune system 


Infrared Sauna 

Infrared saunas are able to penetrate the body in depths of 1.5 to 2 inches. This stimulates the body’s cellular detoxification process more effectively than traditional saunas. 

It helps with detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, skin purification, lower blood pressure and improved circulation.

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Ionic Foot Detox 

An ionizing machine sends out a low voltage electric current to charge the atoms in water molecules. These charged atoms attract and neutralize negative toxins in your body. Releasing the toxins from the pores in your feet. 

Benefits of Foot detox: 

  • Increased Energy 

  • Clearer Thinking 

  • Balanced pH Level 

  • Boosted Immune System

  • Fewer Aches and Pains 


Infrared Body Wrap 

Infrared body wrap uses infrared light to heat targeted body parts. Raising the body's temperature stimulates the production of sweat and the release of toxins.

The patient is wrapped in a body wrap that is connected to a device that provides infrared light. The session lasts about an hour in which the patient sweats profusely.

Benefits of Infrared Body Wrap

  • Increases Metabolism up to 36 hours after your session

  • Soothes Sore and Strained Muscles

  • Increases Blood Circulation

  • Burns up to 1400 calories per session

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Pilates Reformer 

A form of exercise and body conditioning. Using a bed-like machine with muscle-strengthening springs rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. Focuses on core and mind-body connections. While doing various exercises your mind needs to constantly be aware of breathing. 

Benefits of Pilates reformer:

  • Improves Strength, Balance, & Flexibility

  • Improves Posture

  • Decreases Back Pain 

  • Increases Energy 



  • Headaches

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain

  • Low Back Pain 

  • Tennis Elbow 

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

  • Asthma 

  • Supports healthy Blood Sugar levels 

  • Improve Sleep Quality